Label Verification

Label Verification

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Application Overview

Automotive Radiator Cap Label Verification


A manufacturer of automotive radiator caps needed to automatically verify that the warning label was applied properly.


Stand-alone inspection station retrofitted to existing assembly station. Single camera mounted overhead with fluorescent lighting (Red LED lighting was determined to be infeasible due to the presence of text on the label that was red in color).

Parts are manually loaded onto a dial table where they are indexed to the label application station. Immediately after that station the vision system inspects for the correct label and that it is in the correct location.

A Part-In-Place signal triggers the vision system camera to acquire an image. A series of software tools are strategically applied at the label area and at the label perimeter to perform the inspection. If the part is good, no action is taken. If the part is bad, a digital output is issued to the dial table PLC and the part is automatically rejected downstream, but before reaching the operator.