Electronic Connector Insp.

Electronic Connector Inspection
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Application Overview

100% on-line inspection of electronic connectors


A manufacturer of electronic connectors needed a reliable method of automatically inspecting the product before additional value was added.


QSExaminer performing 100% on-line inspection.

Parts to be inspected were rectangular in shape and approximately 1/8" x 1/8" x 1 1/2" long. They were inspected for a variety of defects: flash, short shots and general deformities. Two cameras were employed, each with a top LED light source. Inspection rate was 2 parts/ second.

QSExaminer is a stand-alone inspection system consisting of a part feeder, a part positioner, inspection station and a reject mechanism, which are application-specific mechanical fabrications. Material handling can accommodate a wide variety of parts, though most commonly parts are small and round or rectangular in shape. Often parts are segregated into "families" for material handling.

With part position controlled, optimizing lighting and optics is a straightforward process. Control of these critical variables maximizes the robustness of the inspection application.

The inspection "engine" for QSExaminer is the QualityStation machine vision system. QualityStation is a high-performance, high-resolution, multi-camera system built upon an industrial PC running WindowsXP. QualityStation deploys a comprehensive library of advanced machine vision algorithms (software "Tools" such as Edge Detection, Connectivity Analysis, Pattern Matching, Normalized Correlatio and various preprocessing algorithms) that are accessed through an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface. There is virtually no limit to the number of inspections that can be set up on a part, but an effective limit may be achieved by screen clutter.

QSExaminer is designed to run unattended by an operator. Inspections are selected from a convenient menu list. After inspection, good parts are usually directed to a downstream process while bad parts are sent to a reject chute.. Part feeder fill is usually automatic, though an optional hopper is available for manual load.

QSExaminer is ideally suited for critical automated inspection of high-volume that are smaller in size.