MoldWatcher for Injection Molding & Die-Casting Machines

Horizontal Press

With each cycle, mold presses run a high risk of experiencing extreme damage due to molded parts or slides sticking. Standard mold protection options only detect the problem as it occurs. Vision mold protection prevents the problem before it occurs. Avalon's patented MoldWatcher system will alert operators and stop the press before any hazardous force can be put on the mold. This prevents severe mold damage in addition to the related down-time, which can often be more expensive and troubling than the mold damage itself.

MoldWatcher can be installed on die-casting & horizontal and vertical shuttle or rotary injection molding machines.

Vertical Press

In the case of a horizontal press, MoldWatcher automatically inspects for inserts or quality of the part while in the mold and the empty cavity, cores and slides after the part is ejected. This insures that no stray parts are left behind to damage the mold during the next cycle.

While on a vertical press, it ensures that all inserts are properly placed prior to permitting the table to index and the mold to close. The system will also detect miscellaneous items that may have been left on the lower mold half. After ejection, the system checks to ensure all parts have left the upper mold half. Our harsh environment systems include sealed, forced air cooled cameras that allow the MoldWatcher system to be used in high temperature applications like die- casting & metal injection molding.

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Easy Setup

The Moldwatcher™ machine vision design has been optimized over thousands of installations and incorporates features such as:

  • Setup on new molds in 5-10 minutes
  • Customizable Toolbar in user interface
  • Archives setup files for easy job retrieval
  • Touchscreen for easy operator interface
  • Single touch "Teach" updates the system
  • Two inspections per cycle ensure protection
  • Multiple, high resolution camera support
  • Communicates with all injection machines
  • SPI/Euromap module eliminates wiring
  • Works with the NightHawk 2
  • Multiple camera options up to 4.92 megapixels

Setting up for a new mold or running an existing setup is very straight-forward. A new mold setup can be implemented in just minutes and if a change is made to an existing job, the "Teach" function captures and updates the reference image with the touch of a button.

Once a setup has been completed, it can be saved to disk and the job can be run by executing a single "Teach" cycle. The "Presence/Absence" mold inspection tool is extremely robust and easy to use. The "Live Score" mode allows the user to instantly see the variance caused by problematic features so they can be confident the sensitivity adjustment will be optimal and the system will respond only to valid problems.

Avalon's patented near infrared (NIR) camera/light technology solves potential problems that can occur due to visible ambient plant lighting. Unlike incandescent lighting, DarkLight-IR is not affected by press vibration.

The USB 3.0 camera is a multi-resoluton design up to 2560 x 1920 (4.92 MP) for high-resolution inspection of part and mold details where cycle time permits. Also, works with the NightHawk 2 and NightHawk 2 HE cameras for die-casting and harsh environment applications.

How Mold Protection Works