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NightHawk HE for Die Cast Mold Protection

Avalon is proud to introduce our latest in die cast mold protection – NightHawk HE.  The new “NightHawk HE” boasts an IP67 rating with air cooling of the electronics.  The air cooling also utilizes Avalon’s proprietary air cone design to keep harmful debris off of the front lens cover of the camera. The 12x zoom with an integrated motorized lens has software controls built into the User Interface of the MoldWatcher vision system for ease of use.  The focus, iris, gain, and zoom functions are all controlled via the touchscreen and settings are saved for each application so they can be recalled from memory when the same setup is run in the future.  One of the main advantages of the new “NightHawk HE” is that once the camera is placed on the mold all adjustments are made from the vision computer display.  You no longer have to manually adjust the camera in the harsh environment (hot mold) with a second person.

The turnkey NightHawk HE is available for immediate purchase and comes ready to use straight out of the box. Get a free quote by calling 770.944.8445 or email us at [email protected].

Protect your die cast mold investment with easy to use, proven vision from Avalon Vision Solutions.

To see how the NightHawk camera functions inside of the enclosure CLICK HERE.

Introducing Our *NEW* NightHawk

Avalon’s MoldWatcher solution has gotten easier with the new automated camera – NightHawk. Available for injection molds and die cast machines, our new IP based automated camera touts several advanced features. 

Here are some advantages:

  • No more manual adjusting of the lens.  Zoom, Aperture, Focus and Gain are controlled through software on the vision computer. This is especially helpful when installing on larger molding presses.
  • The Gig-E 2.3 MP camera has a resolution of more than 6 times previous models with 1920 x 1200 Pixels for better quality image analysis.
  • The Ethernet camera cable length can be extended to any desired length because the camera is POE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • The NightHawk has a more rugged enclosure than previous models for tough environmental conditions.

The NightHawk can be purchased as an upgrade for our current users who would prefer the automated focusing advantage* and is a great option for our future Avalon customers.

Ready to learn more? Contact us today!

*MoldWatcher must be running on Windows 7 for the programming to work.