Dash Mat Assembly Verification

Dash Mat Assembly Verification
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Application Overview

Automotive Dash Mat Assembly Verification


A manufacturer of automotive dash mats needed to verify that a number of manually placed clips and fasteners were correct and in the proper location. There were very gross differences among the various parts.


Stand-alone inspection station with 4 cameras incorporated into the existing part handling system. Fluorescent illumination lighting the part from the top.

Part number of the inspected part is selected from a Windows recipe menu. Because the parts are large and non-rigid, they are placed onto an assembly/ inspection fixture. Part position repeatability is +/- 0.25". Once the part is loaded onto the fixture, the operator pushes a button that triggers the camera to acquire an image. Software tools inspect for the presence of a number of fasteners and clips. . A comparison to a series of stored data is performed. . If the part passes, a green light is illuminated and the part can be removed from the fixture; if the part fails, a red light is illuminated and the part is locked in the fixture for assessment by supervisory personnel.