About Avalon Vision

Avalon Vision Solutions serves both the injection molding industry and the machine vision marketplace with a unique range of products. A diverse customer mix has allowed Avalon to remain a leader in technological advances in both areas by working collaboratively with customers in addressing a myriad of applications, Avalon has developed products that streamline the manufacturing process. Since 1991, Avalon has sought to bring meaningful technology to the marketplace. The early years of Avalon were key to the development of solutions targeted to the injection molding industry. Avalon is proud of thousands of Mold Watchers, machine vision solutions specific for molding, in plants across the World. With this success, Avalon sought to bring other machine vision solutions to other markets. For more two decades, Avalon has developed a range of products that directly contribute to manufacturing successes.

A dedicated team, each with over 30 years of manufacturing experiences brings a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to Avalon. The team is passionate about bringing simple, cost-effective solutions directly to the plant floor. Avalon's commitment to ease of use is evident throughout the entire organization. Ease of use is our priority. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Avalon serves a global marketplace. Current efforts involve an aggressive entry into South America, China, and Russia.